Nearly 154,000 outpatients and 2,400 inpatients are served annually, with basic support facilities of laboratory, X-rays, ECG, as well as medicines and food. Secondary level medical services are provided here. When necessary, patients are referred to appropriate institutions elsewhere for specialty care.

Outpatient Dept. (OPD) Registration
Inpatient Male Ward

Medical & Surgical Services

The hospital has an experienced team comprising a physician and pediatrician who provide services in the outpatient and inpatient departments. There are 21 medical beds. The hospital provides first aid services round the clock. A qualified physiotherapist provides services to approximately 1,000 patients annually.

Nearly 1,500 major and 1,250 minor eye operations are performed annually. Visiting teams of surgeons also perform general surgery. The surgical disciplines have 20 beds for inpatient care. The hospital has two well-equipped air-conditioned operating theatres.

Eye Examination
Outpatient Examination

Other Services

Dental: A dentist treats approximately 7,300 patients as outpatients annually; 1,250 minor operations are also performed annually.

Pharmacy: The pharmacy receives medicines from the Beas Hospital for inpatient use; it also dispenses medicines free of charge to outpatients for three days at a time.

Laboratory and Blood Bank: The hospital has its own laboratory which conducts more than 70,000 laboratory tests annually, including hematology, microbiology, parasitology, serology and biochemistry. Approximately 100 whole blood transfusions are performed annually by the blood bank, which has 200 voluntary donors registered. It conforms to the standards of the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization.

Laundry Facilities

Support Services

An ambulance with basic facilities takes patients to referral institutions. Two diesel generators can supply power for the total needs of the hospital. A professionally managed dietary service provides various kinds of inpatient diets. In-house back up of engineering services is available.

Bhota Hospital Campus
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